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First Female on the Slope

Brianne Bernsen, RPLS, LaGrange, Texas was the first female to survey Mount McKinley. She endured working in extreme conditions to do a job she loved. From frigid wind chills to working in the dark, Brianne would not be deterred in accomplishing her task. Here's her story.
Past Articles
Mile High Bench Mark Celebrates 100th Birthday!

Michael M. Greer, PLS, Jefferson County Planning & Zoning, Golden Colorado originally submitted this story to Lasting Impressions, by Rhonda Rushing. We reprint it here with with our best wishes on the 100th birthday of a mile high bench mark!
Mount McKinley.Just a Hike Up the Mountain (addendum to the series)

Just exactly how do you set a monument in snow? Read how the first team of GPS surveyors scaled Mount McKinley, measured it's height and installed a monument there.
Mount McKinley.Just a Hike Up the Mountain (third in a series)

The Mount McKinley GPS survey team begins their ascent with over 1,100 pounds of gear. Read the gripping story of their trip to the top, setting the monument and their descent.
Mount McKinley.Just a Hike Up the Mountain (part 2 in a series)

Hear Jeffrey Yates tell how the development of 15-pound portable GPS units made surveying Mt. McKinley possible along with the equipment and personnel gathering for their trek.
Mount McKinley. Just a Hike up the Mountain

An exciting first installment in a multi-part series describing the first GPS expedition on Mount McKinley.
Marking The Final Chapter

A simple survey monument installed in Wisconsin's capitol has a long, colorful history behind it.
Surveyors Celebrate Lewis and Clark Bicentennial

Two centuries after the Corps of Discovery explored our young country, the National Geodetic Survey helped celebrate their historic journey with a series of commemorative survey markers.
Betty Risser Has Friends in High Places

A Minnesota woman has built a business from replicating the benchmarks atop famous peaks.
A Visit to the Nation's Geodetic Center

Meade’s Ranch monument – the station from which the geographic position of all triangulation stations in the country would be determined.
Finding RHONDA, Station Ron Ripp & Mark's Mark

Named monuments hold personal significance for many reasons. Here are three individual monuments that have stories to tell.
Different Perspectives: Geodetic and Boundary Surveys.

Geodetic and boundary monuments serve different but complementary purposes. Licensed Surveyor Angus Stocking explains what each type is used for.
Making Sense of NGS Datasheets: Scaled vs. Adjusted

Perhaps you've stumbled across a benchmark while looking for a geocache. Maybe you happened upon the Benchmark Hunting forum on and thought it sounded like a fun side hobby to geocaching. Whatever has triggered your interest, odds are that you'll soon discover (perhaps the hard way) that the difference between SCALED and ADJUSTED coordinates on a mark's National Geodetic Survey (NGS) datasheet can literally be a country mile--or at least, a good part of one.
Nebraska Surveyors Find Their Marks

One of the most interesting aspects of searching for survey monuments is the variety to be discovered. Most cachers are well familiar with brass or aluminum disks set in concrete, but finding something that is more obscure can be exciting. I personally like to search for old or unusual monuments, so twice a year I organize field trips where other surveyors gather to join in the hunt. This fall's search in Nebraska centered on the south-central area of the state.
When You Wish upon a Benchmark...

It's vacation time, and you're off to see Mickey Mouse and friends. Whether you've decided to visit Disneyland or Walt Disney World, you probably have a to-do list that looks something like this:

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